DJ & Live.

What the funk is this all about? DJ Set or Live-Act.

FUNKROBOTER is the funky groove commander. His DJ Sets starts in a creepy Funk, Soul, Disco Mode. Mojo Club in Mind, Dancefloor Jazz some kind and Down Tempo aside. But then it ends up in funky Deep & Minimal House Tunes and New Disco Tunes. Dance Disco Dance. His Live-Act act within the terms of techno – plus real-time trumpet sounds and clean synth color. Freakomatic, melodic & hypnotic live house tunes.
To old for bad music. Just dance.

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What’s the story of FUNKROBOTER – the funky servant of disco?

He played trumpet in the 80s in a bavarian brass band. When he was a teen, he loved Miles Davis and Acid Jazz. Rolling Stones’s electronic experiments arouses his curiousity. In the late 90s he bought his first Roland Synth. His electronic shift lead to his solo analogue electronic project “nassforsch”. In the 00s he had some delicious but meaningless gigs in Bavaria. In 2003 his project together with Mycrotom was SWIMFAST and some great events with Multimedia Community & Event BeatznbytezMongkong, and later on with the group Rhytm Police & LeRoy. Parties with Console, Rainer von Vielen, Erich Lesowsky made him a part of Weilheim & Ammersee Music Scene in the late 00s. In 2005 he reinvented himself as FUNKROBOTER beyond his wedding DJ destiny. Call his sound Deep House, Minimal Techno, Funky Techhouse whatever. It makes him anyway a reliable party techno animal.


His gigs were at Fuchs&Has // Pic KF // Hirsch Lindenberg // Weilheim // Cantina Auxburg // Hofhaus Weicht // Wetterleuchten Innsbruck // Bayerischer Hof Munich // Tante Erna Munich // Loft Munich // Raumklang Berlin // Corleone Bar, Munich a.s.o.

Funkography is discography.

2005 nassforsch: midnight vibrations (beatznbytez)
2007 nassforsch: pausenklaun (myspace)
2016 funkroboter: bingo bongo (soundcloud)
2017 funkroboter: berlin calling (soundcloud)